Environmental Care

Do you care about the environment? Wondering how you can make a difference?

Well if you have an old device laying around at home you could recycle it with MTR Trade In and prevent further pollution from landfill and additional resource gathering!

Read on to discover how you can do your part to help create a greener future!

The problem

Are you aware of just how many resources are required to make one smartphone or tablet? Most people would be forgiven for thinking something so small couldn’t possibly cause much damage to our environment but you would be surprised.

All of the metals and carbon based plastics involved in the manufacturing of parts have to have ore mined and extracted. These then need to be transported and then heated and refined through a heating process, to then be shaped and formed into components for our favourite devices. Even our packaging today requires wood pulp from harvested trees to form our papers and cardboard.

This all comes with a cost on the environment and also in end price.

So what exactly are we wasting? Carbon based plastics are used for cases, camera housing and parts would also need to be sourced and produced too adding to the carbon footprint, which is sad when many of these materials can be recycled. Precious metals such as gold and copper alongside zinc, aluminium, and chromium are used to make metal cases, electrical contacts and components. These are in limited supply so whenever we discard or throw away our old devices because they are simply worn out, out of fashion or you just want a newer model…..just think of all the mining and processing that is needed to obtain MORE of those materials.

Another big issue is that when our devices are just thrown out they normally end up in landfill sites. This is bad for our environment because as these electronic devices degrade they release dangerous toxins into the soil which can be harmful to us and wildlife.

We need to work together for a better planet, better ecosystem and better communities. By recycling our devices we can save so much damage to our world and still provide excellent modern devices we all desire.

How can I help?

Manufacturers are already taking steps to help reduce their impact on our environment by successfully replacing expensive and rare materials with a cheaper alternative whilst still improving or maintaining quality. This on its own however will not be enough.

To do your part and help to ensure a greener future you can firstly reduce consumption by making a switch to buying products that are made from recycled materials. There is an increasing demand for recycled products as reusing the precious resources needed to make them saves more being excavated from our shrinking planet.

As this cycle completes, costs of making some new items is reduced and you can personally benefit financially when your devices are recycled.

Reuse and Recycle Your Stuff

Instead of throwing away your used device(s) why not think if it could benefit someone else instead? It might no longer be of use to you anymore but there will be someone out there that would still need or want it. With brand new devices getting more costly, many people will not be able to afford them and so buying a second hand working gadget is the perfect solution and would also help our environment in the process. This would mean that others can enjoy and benefit from what you have already had. Here at MTR Trade In you will also be rewarded for helping in our recycling efforts as you earn money on everything you send in to us!

You have a device that is broken and no longer works? No problem! Here at MTR Trade In we will also take your damaged products to have them responsibly recycled and reused to make new products from their materials. Damaged phones aren't a problem, as the recycled parts will also contribute towards driving down the cost of newer handsets.

Do Your Part

We need everyone to scrounge around for any old mobiles or tablets that you have lying around your home and send them to us to reuse or recycle for us all to do our bit for the planet. Together we can all work together for a greener future.

So whenever you or anyone in your family has anything that could be recycled, choose MTR Trade In and help us, to help you, help our environment!